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Our Mission:


Study and work in Canada.

Create your own destiny. If you are a young professional, or a senior in university, and want to explore opportunities in Canada; or if you are an experienced professional with small kids and see no future in your career, enroll on a two-year postgraduate program in a Canadian educational institution, and get a certificate that will open you the doors to the world. It's within your reach, we can help!

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Our Mission

If you are one of the thousands of young professionals in Peru striving to make a living in the country, and feeling you are just getting by, maybe you should look elsewhere for opportunities. Working day and night with no hope of a better life is not living.

Canaway Services can help you make a drastic change in your life. Our mission is to help you reach your dreams of living in a first world country by providing you guidance to study and work in Canada.

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“Work while you study, help your spouse or common-law partner get a work permit while you study, work temporarily or stay permanently in Canada after you graduate as an international student”  

-- Government of Canada, Immigration and Citizenship website



You are all welcome in Canada

" Ours is a land of original peoples and of newcomers. And our greatest pride is that you can come here from anywhere in the world, build a good life, and be part of our community. We don't care where you are from or what religion you practice or whom you love. You are all welcome in Canada! "

                      -- Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada


" I was working day and night in Lima with no future in sight. I didn't want to live a life like this, so I took my chances to improve my skills in Canada. Canaway Services helped me to get there. "  

-- Luis T., Canaway Services client


Our Services

Our services span through the entire cycle to get you to study in Canada, from an assessment of your skills, interests, and personal situation, to recommendations about programs, colleges, or universities in Canada. Our services also include Canadian university application preparation and study visa immigration services. We also provide assistance to students upon arrival in Canada.


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