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Frustration, Uncertainty, Fear

These are the feelings of young professionals in Peru as they join the workforce.  Similar feelings are faced by experienced professionals waiting to be laid off in favor of younger workers. With a competitive job market and low salaries, the choices in Peru are limited.  But the job market should not be limited to one country. You can create your own destiny where you choose where to work and live; but for this to happen you need to obtain a good education. 


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Our Mission

With an average salary of US$800 to US$1200 per month, young Peruvian professionals are barely getting by. Experienced professionals may be faring better, but with higher salaries, they are targeted to be let go in favor of a younger and cheaper labour.

Our mission at Canaway Services is to guide both, young and experienced Peruvian professionals to take the leap into a better live. We do this by introducing you to the Canadian education system.  

Our services are targeted to individuals who are looking for a post-graduate diploma or a certificate; a program that may take about two years to complete, and that is relatively affordable.  We have partnered with Canadian Educational Institutions that offer exactly that. In addition, depending on the program of study, you may participate in a coop semester where you can gain valuable Canadian work experience and extend your business network.

Canada has a friendly immigration policy

Canada has a friendly immigration policy. While you study you can work and help with your tuition, and after graduation, you can work for a specific period of time, the longest being 3 years (at the time of writing).  In addition, there are options for you to become a permanent Canadian resident!

The world is changing rapidly, and so is the job market. We live in a different era, one where advances are happening at an exponential rate. Professionals, young and old need to keep up with the changes that are taking place, they need to have excellent English communication skills, be technologically savvy, have analytical skills, and have the right attitude to adapt to change.

Take your skills to the next level with better education to help you prepare for this new world. Better education brings better opportunities.

Better education brings better opportunities.

If you have a Peruvian university degree and would like to take your skills to the next level with a Canadian postgraduate certificate in subjects including Advanced Project Management, Financial Planning and Wealth Management, Hospitality Management, Cloud Computing and Big Data, Mobile Application Design & Development, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology; you should participate in the Study and Work in Canada program!


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The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.
— Warren Buffett

Studying and Working in Canada

"When I did my college search, Lambton College was the only college offering a two-year post graduate certificate with a Coop.  A Coop has the benefit to get you to put in practice whatever you are learning in the classroom, and it also gives you the opportunity to gain Canadian Experience.  I got a part-time job as a project coordinator through Lambton's career job posting board, but Lambton also brings people from different industries to teach workshops, and this is how you can build your network for future job opportunities. "

— Paula B., Lambton College Student

Compared to other developed countries, a Canadian education is not only excellent, but by far a lot cheaper. A Canadian education of course will cost more than one in Peru; but the return on the investment will be a lot higher.

Canaway Services also provides assistance to complete your application to Canadian Educational Institutions, supports you with student visa applications,  and provides assistance when you arrive in Canada.